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The husband and I participated in an art project where we were given a fortune cookie and boards that we had to paint based on the fortune we got. ┬áMy fortune was “Everything is possible; just not so probable.” ┬á I thought forever on what to do. Finally, I was just like, ‘How about and elephant wearing a┬ásombrero?’ ┬áThat’s possible, but not probable, right? And there you have it. I call him, “Javier.”

Chandelier revamp after

Light Fixture Make Over

I love finding old things on Craigslist and redoing them. ┬áThis time I found an old chandelier light fixture for $3. It was kind of ugly looking, but I thought, ‘Hey, maybe I can fix it.’ ┬áSo I brought it home, spray painted it black and hung some crystal things on it that I got from Hobby Lobby. All in all, it was really pretty simple. Except for the hanging it up part. I had to have my dad come over and help us with that. ┬áNot fun.