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Hanging Wine Bottle Vase

Wine Bottle Wall Vases


I found this project online and had to do it. It was actually pretty simple.

I used:

I stained the wood boards and let them dry. Then screwed on the ceiling flange.  The 3″ piece of the threaded rod screws into that, and then the split ring hanger and bottle of course. I nailed a picture hanger on the back and threw in some flowers I got from Hobby Lobby. Hooray!


Chalk Wine Glasses

Chalk Wine Glasses

We drink a lot of wine and usually at family get-togethers wine glasses get set down and people are always asking, “Is this my glass? I think this is mine?” So I thought this was a fun way to keep track of whose is whose. 😛 I got a little bottle of black chalkboard paint at Hobby Lobby and some wine glasses at Dollar Tree for a buck. I forgot chalk though. Duh! So Kaden’s sidewalk chalk had to do.

Framed Bathroom Mirror

Framed Bathroom Mirror

The husband was out of town for work and I was bored. So found something to do. The bathroom mirror was plain and boring and was starting to look bad on the bottom edge. So I went to Lowe’s and had wood trim pieces cut and bought 4 of the little square pieces. I spray painted them white put a sealer on them. After they dried I carved out the spots for the mirror brackets so they would lay flat. It would probably have been much easier if I had a chisel or something, but all I had was a dull utility knife.  That part was not fun and very time consuming. Then I realized that I carved the wrong piece of wood and ruined it. UGH. So I had to go BACK to Lowe’s and but another trim piece, paint and seal it and wait for it to dry. Then I had to carve it. Then I glued them on the the edges of the mirror using an epoxy glue.  I had to do this while the husband was gone because if I were to have told him I wanted to glue wood pieces onto the mirror he wouldn’t have liked the idea. But he liked it when he saw it.  It doesn’t make a HUGE impact, but it looks nicer than it did before.

Hanging Light Bulb Vase

Hanging Light Bulb Vase

This was a fun little project. Lately almost all of our light bulbs have decided to burn out all at the same time. So I’ve had a lot of old light bulbs. Using pliers I broke of the black part at the end of the bulb. (Wearing safety goggles, of course) Then I used needle nose pliers to pull out the insides. I poked two holes in the metal part with an ice pick and hung it up with some gardening wire. I’m sure it could be hung up with something else, I’m not sure why I chose gardening wire. But, whatever, it works. I put some water in and some flowers. (Well, weeds really. I didn’t have any real flowers at the time.) 😛

Plastic Drawer Revamp

Plastic Drawers Make Over

I (like almost everyone else) have some of those clear, plastic drawers. As handy as they are for storage, having all your crap visible is kind of..well, crappy looking.  So I got some scrapbook paper from Michael’s and Mod Podge. I cut the paper to fit the inside of the drawer. Then with a paint brush, I spread a layer of Mod Podge on the inside of the drawer. Then laid the paper on top of it and smoothed out any bubbles. Then I spread a good layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper and let it dry. I did this a few more times for durability. And there you have it. Not so ugly to look at now. :-)

Corona Beer Bottle Drinking Glass

Corona Drinking Glasses

Tonight we made glasses out of old beer bottles we had around. We tied some fingernail polish remover soaked yarn around the bottle and lit it on fire. Then rotated it to burn evenly for about 20-30 seconds then dipped it into a sink full or cold water. It usually broke on its own, but some times needed a little help. It didn’t always break evenly or exactly where I wanted it to, but I kept trying.  Eventually we got a few that were good. Then I sanded around the top with sandpaper to get rid of any sharp edges. They’re pretty snazzy little cups.