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Antique Record Player Cabinet - Finished

Antique Record Player Cabinet Makeover

A few months ago my Grandma gave me their old record player cabinet, turned liquor cabinet.  My Grandma and Grandpa used it to store all their whiskeys and other tasties in for as long as I can remember. Before that it was an old record player that belonged to my great aunt. I’ve always loved the cabinet, so after my Grandpa passed away and Grandma down sized houses, she passed it on to me. It was pretty how it was, but I had to refinish it so it would match with the colors in our house.

Antique Record Player Cabinet Makeover

Antique Record Player MakeoverLucky for me, I had a helper to help get the job done. He put in a lot of work.  We sanded it all down, my least favorite thing to do. Then we got started with the painting.  I painted the legs and the handles white, and the rest gray. Then sprayed on some polyurethane. Someone had glued, and I mean GLUED some red felt down on the inside shelves. That stuff did. not. want to come off. I ripped off as much as I could and then tried some Goo-Gone on it. That didn’t even begin to phase it. I don’t know what the heck kind of glue they used, but it was pretty happy with where it’s at. So I tried to sand it down smooth, but those glue lines weren’t going anywhere.  I did my best. So I got some white leathery/vinyl-ish material with my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and spray adhesived that on the shelves. I was sad that you can still kind of see the bumps from those stubborn previous glue trails. But oh well. I guess the inside doesn’t really matter that much since no one is really going to see it. And then ta-da! It’s done! Doesn’t look too shabby. I think my little helper and I did alright.  :-)

Antique Record Player Makeover - Sanding

Antique Record Player Makeover - PaintingAntique Record Player Cabinet - FinishedAntique Record Player Cabinet - FinishedAntique Record Player Cabinet - Finished InsideAntique Record Player Cabinet - Finished