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Dinosaur Silhouette Wall Art

Wooden Dinosaur Wall Art

I made these wooden dinosaur silhouette pieces for my nephews birthday. He’s pretty into dinosaurs, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with them. They were really pretty simple to make, and turned out pretty cute.

Wooden Dinosaur Wall Art

First, I started out with the boards. I used leftover pieces of a 2×10 board from another project. You can buy the board at Lowe’s for pretty cheap, and they will cut it for you there to the size you want. I sanded down the rough edges and then stained them.

Staining the boards

After I had them about the color I wanted, I let the stain set and dry for a few days.  Then I found some dinosaur outlines and silhouettes on Google that I liked. I edited them to be the size that I wanted, printed and cut them out.


Once I had everything where I wanted it, I traced the outlines with a pencil.

Trace the outlines

Then I found some pale green paint we had leftover from painting our old house. I knew one day all these leftover paints I’ve saved would come in handy for something. I used a small brush and painted a few coats.

Painted dinosaur

After I got them all painted, I went over them with some very fine sandpaper to give them an old,  distressed look.


Once that was done, I turned them over and nailed in some picture hangers. And viola! Art!

Picture hangers

Dinosaur Silhouettes

Dinosaur Silhouettes 2

Dinosaur Silhouette Wall Art