Pull window shades revamp

Vinyl Pull Shade And Window Seat Revamp

About a month ago, I decided it was finally time to redo the office and forever rid ourselves of the last room in the house with terrible 80’s wallpaper. So I stripped off all the wallpaper and painted. The window seat had really old, gross, pink carpet covering it. So I tore that off before I painted and just finally recovered it with new carpet yesterday.

The window shades are a project I actually did some months ago right after I got my sewing machine. I found some fabric I liked and cut it so there was about an inch left around the edges. Then little by little I sprayed a spray adhesive on the unrolled shade and put on the fabric, smoothing it out as I went. Then I used my sewing machine and sewed along the edges. All in all, it turned out pretty well.  I wish I would have chosen a fabric with a bigger pattern though.  I also should have gotten a lighter weight fabric than I did. Sometimes they don’t want to roll up too well, but the shades are pretty old and already had some issues to begin with, so maybe newer shades would work better.

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