Side table makeover revamp - After

Side Table Make Over

Lately I’ve been itching to redo some old furniture, like really bad. But I didn’t have any old furniture to redo. :( So I found this old end table on Craigslist for 20 bucks.  A pretty good deal, I think. I realized after I got it, that it smelled really bad like old cigarette or pipe smoke. Blah.  But thank goodness all the work I did to it got rid of the stink.  Kaden helped me sand it, then I took it all apart and painted it with black satin spray paint and a coat of clear sealer. The handles a spray painted as well, and then with a sponge brush lightly brushed on a thin top coat of a tan, off white-ish color I had leftover from on the the rooms I’ve painted. I think it looks pretty stinkin’ cute.

Side Table Makeover revamp - Before

Side table makeover revamp - After

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