Thumbtack buck head art

Wood And Thumbtack Buck Head Art

I started this project some months ago. It ended up being waaay more difficult than I had thought. The thumbtacks did not want to push into the plywood as easily as I’d hoped. Go figure.  After many broken tacks and two very sore thumbs later, I decided to start hammering a nail in first to make a hole then hammer in the tacks. Much, much easier but still very time consuming.  In the end it turned out well.  The tacks do poke out the back of the wood since it’s such thin plywood. I had planned on covering the back with something before hanging it, but ended up just leaning it against the wall. I was just ready for this project to finally be done.

Thumbtack buck head wood art

I used a big piece of  quarter inch thick plywood that I had leftover from another project for this. I stained it with an ebony color wood stain we had lying around. It took several coats to get it the color I wanted.

thumb tack buck head art - staining the board

I let that set for a few days until it had completely dried. Then I cut out and taped on the silhouette that I had printed at FedEx Office. You can get large black and white prints on their blueprint paper for pretty cheap.  I figured that was the way to go since my drawing skills never developed properly.

Buck head silhouette thumbtack art

I put the tacks in around the outline, and then took the paper off. In hindsight, it would have been easier to have just traced it instead of taping it on. Some of the paper got stuck under the tacks when I took it off and it was hard to get it out. Oh well. Live and learn.

Buck deer head thumbtack art

Once I got done with the outline I just had to fill it in. This. Took. Forever. Not gonna lie. I will never ever try to put this many tacks in wood again. Ever. But hey, nearly 3,300 thumbtacks and 2 very sore thumbs later, it looks good!

Thumbtack buck head art

2 thoughts on “Wood And Thumbtack Buck Head Art

  1. This turned out great! I’ve been doing a ton of thumbtack art – but going a much easier (and thumb-friendly route) using foam board that I either spray paint, brush on acrylic paint (if I want it streaky), or use fabric or wrapping paper. On my list of thumbtack projects is a deer head. I have yet to do a piece that involved that many thumbtacks – how big was the plywood you used?

    1. Thanks! I’m pretty happy with how it came out too, although I definitely will never use wood with tacks again lol. Foam board is probably the way to go. The board I used was a little less than 3 ft x 4 ft, so it’s pretty good sized.nn1

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